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We have an interesting variety of expertly restored and refurbished pianos

Customers please be advised:

We are currently in the process of updating our stock photographs. Thankyou for your patience.

We have an interesting variety of expertly restored and refurbished pianos.
These photos are examples of past stock.

As a technician-operated family business we are a boutique supplier and not a high turnover warehouse.

We can provide the best and most well maintained secondhand pianos you will find. We can also source a range of Yamaha and Kawai models for a range of budgets.

Prices and range will be vary, and an appointment will be necessary to check out our current stock range.

Examples of
past stock


Vintage German upright piano with candelabra



1930s vintage August Förster piano


Kawai 1960s

1960s brown Kawai student model piano


Moore & Moore

Brown 1940s spinet upright piano


August Förster

1920s Förster upright with ornate patterning, reconditioned



1930s, refurbished, new hammers. Upright, magnificent walnut inlaid flower motif, refurbished


Kawai Belaire

Kawai belaire blonde miniature upright piano



Berlin, 1920s


Kawai BS50

1980’s model Kawai student upright piano



1970s Rosler baby grand piano with blonde wood finish


Victor Upright

Made in Japan


Kawai BL61

Special Model



Made by Yamaha, Model U1 copy


Yamaha U3H



Kawai BL31

1980s model Kawai black student upright piano


And a range of other pre-loved pianos!

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