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A quick note about Gavin Gray

Gavin Gray has worked in Melbourne as a qualified piano technician (Ad. Cert Piano Tech. NMIT Preston, 1985) as well as a professional musician, touring and performing with The Pearly Shells, Oxo Cubans, Beachy Boys and many other Melbourne outfits.

Gavin currently tunes for The Victorian Opera, Melbourne University Music Dept, Victorian Arts Centre and Bennett’s Lane on a regular basis. He has tuned for such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, The Eagles, Marianne Faithfull and Tori Amos.

Gavin was in house tuner for Chicago the Musical in it’s Melbourne season, and has composed and musically directed for bands and stage productions.

With more than three decades experience as a piano tuner and technician, Gavin has tuned and serviced countless pianos around Victoria, and is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after piano experts. A Qualified Piano Technician since 1985, he holds a Certificate of Piano Technology from NMIT, where he also subsequently taught the art. Gavin is an Australian Registered Piano Technician, and is a member of the Australian Piano Technicians Guild. He is Yamaha certified.

Gavin is the house tuner for respected venues and organisations such as Victorian Opera, Melbourne University, Victorian Arts Centre, NMIT, Wesley College, The Jazz Lab, and Bennetts Lane. He also served in this capacity for the Melbourne season of Chicago.

In 2017 he refurbished and then maintained all 22 instruments used over the full course of the Melbourne Arts Centre’s “Play Me I’m Yours” street piano festival.

Gavin is also the ‘tuner of choice’ for an array of Melbourne’s most notable professionals and venues- Claire Bowditch, David Bridie, Andrea Keller, Mal Webb, Steve Teakle (aka Barry Morgan), Vince Jones, Mark Fitzgibbon, Pughouse Studios, Open Studio to name a few- and has been called to tune for such touring artists as:

Stevie Wonder
The Eagles
Marianne Faithful
Neil Sedaka
Bruce Springsteen
Jack Johnson
Stevie Nicks
Tori Amos
Norah Jones
PJ Harvey

A professional musician in his own right, Gavin has played percussion, piano and vocals with many bands, stage shows and artists over his career, and has appeared on numerous recordings and TV spots.

Gavin brings a professional musician’s ear to his piano tunings, always sensitive to the overall balance of sound, and strives for the best possible aesthetic with each instrument.

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